Highlights 2017

Highlights 2017

Time to recapture the greatest moments in 2017 for me and my dogs.

Kaya & Pippi 24092017
And yes, times we can go swiming are among the very best!

  • In May Kaya and I went to the finnish mainland for two dog shows. Kaya got her last finnish CAC and became finnish show champion. Kaya also got a r-CACIB which will be turned into a CACIB and give Kaya the title C.I.B. when all the confirmations are done.
  • The FI NE was held in Laukka in June. Kaya was 4th best bitch, BOB-working dog and BIS2-working dog.
  • Pippi got a first price in obedience class 1, toko ALO1 in August.
  • In October Pippi passed the IPO-BH-test and got the title BH.
  • Christmastime was time for Kaya to meet a boy. Puppies are expected in the end of February, check it out at Valpar/Puppies


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