Highlights 2016

I thought I’d go back a bit and tell you about the dog highlights of 2016 for me.

As always life is filled with joyful moments and moments we rather forget. Focusing on the positive we find ways to create more positive moments.

  • In March Kaya and I went for a trip to Strängnäs international show in Sweden. Kaya became Swedish show champion that trip getting her last swedish CAC. She also got CACIB.
  • In May Pippi moved in with us. She was in ways an exuberant tervueren puppy from Turku.
  • And in May Kaya and I went to Sweden again, to Heby this time where we took part in the swedish mental test. Kaya got 525 p out of 600 p and having been approved in the exteriordescription in 2015 she got the title KORAD. I knew I had a good dog and the high score felt like a confirmation and made me prouder still.
  • May was busy, Kaya also got the JK1-title in a trackingcompetition (obedience+object search+forest tracking).
  • In June we went to the FI NE (erkkari) and Kaya got placed as 3rd best bitch out of 63 entered tervuerenbitches and also became BOS-working tervueren.
  • The main SE NE was held in August. Kaya was BIS2-working dog there.
  • In September Kaya got her third qualifying result in first class rally obedience and the title RTK1. Rally obedience was not our main focus, we just tried it out during the summer.


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