Valpar väntas / Puppies expected

All the signs point to puppies arriving around 23 of February 2018. There has been nausea and a million little things that is just a bit different than I’m used to. Kaya’s body is also starting to change slightly. Here comes a picture of a relaxing mother to be. I wonder how she’ll lay relaxing in a few weeks when I look at this style of comfortable position.

FI UCH, EE UCH, Nordic Winner -17, C.I.B. & C.I.E. (pending confirmations), JK1, BH, S.R., CSAU, TAN CH, LTE Figaron Quintero * KORAD, SE UCH, FI UCH, C.I.B. (pending confirmations), JK1, BH, RTK1 Cäsarborg’s Xky’s No Limit.
There’s more info on the upcoming litter in the page valpar/puppies.

Kaya 21012018


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